How to Advertise For Free With Banner Exchange Programs

By Bedrich Omacka

Banner exchanges are great way to advertise for free. If you will read the whole article, you will learn not only how to advertise for free with banner exchange programs but also how to earn some money with them.

Step #1:

Compare various banner exchanges. One of the most important aspects when choosing banner exchange network is the exchange ratio. Exchange ratio of 2:1 means that for every two banners which you display on your website you get one credit. For every credit, you can display one your banner on another website which participates in the exchange network. Another important factor is the possibility of using multiple banner formats. While some banner networks offer only the most common 468 * 60 format, other may come with multiple formats.

Step #2:

Copy and paste the banner code to your website. In the members' section, you will find a piece of HTML code. This code needs to be pasted in the place on your website where you want to show the banners.

Step #3:

Set up your banner which will be displayed on other members' websites. If you want to earn some money using the banner exchange program you can promote some of your commercial websites and create some entertainment websites which usually have a lot of visitors to generate credits for your campaign. You can also join some affiliate program and set up the affiliate banner to be displayed around the banner network. This way, you will get paid for every sale made using this banner.

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Delbert said...


There are many ways to how to advertise a business out there, even methods that you have not heard of before. Just play around with it a little longer, other method will come to you sooner or later.

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