1.It serves as an airborne barrier - technologically formulated to use weak electrostatic bonding to cluster airborne particles in the air so that you won't breathe them in your nose.
2.Inhibits or kills the viruses naturally with no risk of creating “Superbugs”.

3.Provides safe use for young, old and everyone in between with no alcohol content.

4.Gives you control of your public/private and crowded indoor environments with the NOXO shielding effect.

5.Fits in your pocket or purse, so you are always ready to control airborne bacteria and viruses - “Airplane Safe”

6.It refreshes your airspace by adding a natural invigorating scent and technologically clusters the bacteria and viruses in the air.

Dr. V. Ruth Pinney is the inventor of NOXO Anti-Flu Spray and Chief Scientist for NOXO

NOXO Anti-flu’s inventor and Chief Scientist for NOXO is Dr. V. Ruth Pinney. She has over 30 years of experience in immunology, physiology, toxicology and indoor air quality research and development for Scripps Institute, University of California San Diego, Veteran’s Medical Center in San Diego, and the Office of Naval Research for the U.S. Navy. Dr. Pinney holds a Masters of Science in biology with emphasis in brain physiology and a Ph.D. in nutrition specializing in the area of chemical perception by smell and taste.

NOXO Anti-Flu products can become a part of your defense against sickness this flu season

Some influenza viruses like the H1N1 virus are new to our immune systems. We do not have natural antibodies in our nasal passages that can mount a defense against the virus before the virus can invade our tissues.

One way to help prevent catching an airborne disease is put up a barrier to the microorganism so that it is harder for it to enter our noses or mouths. This can be done in part by atomizing a solution of NOXO Anti-Flu Spray into our airspace. NOXO Anti-flu spray has a very pleasant smell even though Tea Tree or Melaleuca oil --one of the essential oils contained in the product--has a very camphorous or medicinal smell. This is because we’ve added other oils including spearmint to impart the NOXO Anti-flu spray with a very pleasing scent.

Finding A Viable Preventive Measure In The Fight Against Influenza

Dr. Pinney began looking into barriers to influenza because she does considerable traveling in airline cabins where the air is recycled in a high human density environment. She wanted to create a type of personal airborne barrier to infective particulates that was highly effective against airborne viruses with low or no toxic effect to humans and was pleasant to use. So the research began.

First, she understood that a person can be contagious 24 hours before they have any flu symptoms. They can start secreting the flu virus into their environment. Each of us has a space around us that carries our particular bio aerosols in the surrounding environment. Then whenever we sneeze or cough those bio aerosols can extend several feet out and can be carried throughout the environment by air currents.

Whenever a person carrying the virus sneezes or coughs the virus is released by droplets into the air. We know that the influenza viruses spread by droplets in the air. The droplets can land on surfaces and stay alive for hours. Droplets can also “hang” in the air with other particles and be breathed in by other people.

NOXO Anti-flu solution when sprayed into your airspace tends to cluster airborne particles. Once the particles cluster they fall to the ground out of your breathing space.

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